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The depth and pervasiveness of corruption, duplicity, and sedition, in our government, media, and leaders, is stunning, and frightening

By Jim O’Neill
Canada Free Press, May 17, 2010

“My heart bleeds for America.  …There is a plot against both your civil and religious liberties, and they will be lost. You have nothing but trouble before you.”—George Whitefield (1714-1770)

”…know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jerimiah 29:11 NKJV

You say Marxists are running our government, Armageddon’s ready to break out in the Middle East; the economy’s set to collapse; Europe’s ready to implode, and America’s primed to detonate?  Is that what’s bothering you, Bunky?

Yeah, well, take a number and get in line.

Like Rip Van Winkle awaked from a hundred-year-doze, patriotic Americans are awakening to the lies we’ve been fed, and the dire straits we are in.

Patriots are questioning not only the veracity of the Lame Stream Media (LSM), our politicians, and religious leaders, but also fundamental “institutions,” such as the Fed, the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the UN, the 14th Amendment, income tax, and government itself. link

There are no sacred cows anymore.  Nothing, and no one, is immune from cynical scrutiny these days.  Certainly not the POTUS who has spent close to $2 million hiding his past from “we the people.” link

The depth and pervasiveness of corruption, duplicity, and sedition, in our government, media, and leaders, is stunning, and frightening

The depth and pervasiveness of corruption, duplicity, and sedition, in our government, media, and leaders, is stunning, and frightening.  At the same time, to finally have the clean wind of truth, whip through our culture, is a bracing tonic that is as exhilarating as it is novel.  link

And we need a “bracing tonic,” to clear our minds as we prepare for the coming storm, and come it surely must.

The Far Left will never be this close to world domination again—and they know it

The Far Left will never be this close to world domination again—and they know it.  It’s now or never for them.  They have no other option, but to “double down,” and go for

The current crowd in power doesn’t give a d—n about rules of law, and I don’t see them willingly relinquishing power this November.  I see the “oil spill,” the situation in the Middle East, the falling apart of the EU, the economic meltdown, and more, as being orchestrated.  Or, if not orchestrated, then at least taken advantage of, and used to promote chaos before the November elections.
My view is that when the s—t hits the fan, the NWO Globalists will quash all dissent (or at least, all dissent will be forced underground) and that will be that, or….
Or, what’s left of a patriotic military will stage a coup, and a bloody civil war will be fought in the streets and fields of America—(in which case, the eligibility of Obama to be POTUS, will become something of a moot point).

Be that as it may, I believe that this is going to be one interesting summer.

Last week the stock market dropped close to 1,000 points (998) in less than 20 minutes, before bouncing back. A dry run, or a simple fluke?  I’m not much for believing in flukes, glitches, or coincidences these days. link

The oil spill (actually an oil blow-out), is another “coincidence” I’m not buying.  link

Fascist/Marxist NWO

It can all go south in less than half an hour.  And the next time it might not bounce back.  It’s no secret that Maurice Strong, George Soros and a number of other financial manipulators are enemies of the USA, and are actively involved in destroying America’s economy in order to usher in their Fascist/Marxist NWO.

Another situation of grave concern is the growing threat Iran’s nuclear power poses.  While the Obama Administration postures, placates, and dithers, Iran prepares for an all-out war in the Middle East.

The LSM demolished any “street cred” it still had, months ago, but “we the people” were quick to find other venues for our news—especially on the radio and Internet.  One of the more popular of the new journalism outlets, is the Internet’s PJTV.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I urge you to watch PJTV’s interview with Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely (US Army Ret.).
Gen. Vallely tells PJTV’s Bill Whittle, that Iran has stockpiled “50 to 60 thousand rockets and missiles” in Lebanon.  Meanwhile, the Obama Administration scolds Israel for building apartments in Jerusalem.

According to Vallely, a soviet submarine with an Iranian flag recently docked at Beirut, Lebanon, and offloaded boxes handled by personnel wearing gas masks, and hazmat gear—they were almost certainly handling chemical weapon components.

Vallely believes that the summer of 2010 will be “the tipping point for the Middle East”—that “the summer of 2010 is pivotal—it can change the whole world.”
As I said, this is gearing up to be one interesting summer.

My mom is of the opinion that this may be “the spiritual Super Bowl,” and adds “I’m not worried, I’ve read the book, and I know how this ends.”  (Make that, the Book).

None of this is graven in stone, of course.  As devious, widespread, and active, as the Far Left’s game plan may be, it is by no means a “done deal,” or an infallible plan.
There are a great many freedom loving patriots opposing the globalists, and then there’s the “God factor,” as well.

What happened at Copenhagen last December, is an example of human intervention, and God, working in tandem to throw a wrench into the Progressive’s “machine.”  First, a human agent leaked the “climategate” emails, and then the “God factor” came up with one of the coldest winters in recent memory. Here and here.

What about the Iranian situation, is there any human intervention that might help to defuse the powder keg?

I would say that having the USA strongly backing, and supporting, Israel, would go a long way toward stabilizing things—at least for the time being.  The “God factor” is, of course, up to God.

Why would the Obama Administration change its antagonistic stance towards Israel?

Why would the Obama Administration change its antagonistic stance towards Israel?  Because of pressure from Saudi Arabia.  And why will Saudi Arabia, and other Muslim countries, pressure the Obama Administration?  Because they are going to, at any moment, realize that an Iran with nuclear weapons, means not only trouble for Israel, but for them, as well.

Connect the dots with me here.  First, a little simplified history.

After the death of Islam’s founder, Muhammad, in 622 AD, Islam split into two main branches—Shi’ite and Sunni.  Around 75% of the world’s Muslims are Sunnis; only about 15% are Shi’ite.  Saudi Arabia is a Sunni country and contains and controls Islam’s two main holy cities of Medina and Mecca.

At the risk of over-simplifying things, the Shi’ite believe that the leaders of Islam descend through a bloodline connected to Muhammad, while the Sunnis believe that Islamic leaders should be chosen by a consensus of the Muslim community.

Iran: Reacquiring a Persian Empire

Iran is the only Muslim country controlled by Shi’tes.  The Iranian Shi’tes are for the most part “Twelvers,” who believe that great violence and chaos will trigger the reappearance of the 12th Imam (religious leader), and the beginning of a new age.  This new age will usher in the reemergence of the old Persian Empire (which was centered in present day Iran and Iraq).

After attacking Israel, it is possible, even probable, that Iran would then turn its attention to Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon.  All three countries have large Shi’ite populations, and control of them would give Iran direct access to the Mediterranean Sea, and a jump on reacquiring a Persian Empire.

When might all of this activity get underway?  I would guesstimate sometime around Mid-Sha’ban this summer.  The Islamic calendar is based on lunar cycles, so the specific date of various holy days will differ from year to year—the same as the date for Easter Sunday differs from year to year in the West.  link

I would be especially alert around July 26, which this year, is the 15th of Sha’ban—the 12th Imam’s birthday.  There’s a website named “DaysUntil.Com” where you can count down the days until Mid-Sha’ban, if you should wish to do so.  link

Muslim solidarity may take a backseat to Persian pride once the Iranians start strutting their stuff.  The Shi’ite Twelvers might want some payback for centuries of playing second-fiddle to the Sunnis.  When you’re the only kid on the block with nuclear weapons, it can go to your head.  link

The Saudis might want to stop cheerleading the Iranian nuclear efforts and consider the possibility that Israel may not be the only country that Iran’s lining up in its sights.  Perhaps the Saudis, and other Sunni countries, might want to reconsider their stance vis a vis the Obama Administration’s attitude towards Israel.  link

Of course, if Obama is a Shi’ite Muslim then we know which side of the fence he’ll fall on, don’t we?  That’s not mere idle speculation either.  According to an article in “Time” magazine (not exactly known for its anti-Obama rhetoric) “there’s some anecdotal evidence that the notion [that Obama is a Shi’ite] is especially popular among poor, undereducated Shi’ites in Iran and Iraq.”  As the article makes clear, it is not only the poor and uneducated who believe this.  link

The article continues: “Others read meaning into Obama’s name.  In Persian, O-ba-ma means “He’s with us,” and Barack Hussein can loosely be translated as “blessings of Hussein,” an allusion to Ali’s son, another imam revered by the Shi’ites.  Obama’s strenuous denials made no difference to these theorists: they simply reasoned that he must be practicing al-Taqqiya,  or dissimulation; Shi’ite jurists say believers may conceal their faith from infidels in order to protect themselves from harm.”  link

(Ali, refers to Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law, who was the first Shi’ite Imam).link
As should be obvious from the above, I believe we’re in for a serious s—t storm soon.  If you’re religious or spiritual, I would take this opportunity to get right with your maker. If you’re not, then do what you feel is best.  In either case, keep your chin up, your head down, and your powder dry.

The Progressive “utopia” is all unraveling, even as it all comes together.  It remains to be seen, whether it will all unravel first, or come together.

Laus Deo.

Canada Free Press

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