Dec 072009

by Philip Klein, December 7, 2009
The American Spectator

The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to announce today an “endangerment” finding on carbon and other greenhouse gasses, which would allow the Obama administration to impose restrictions on carbon emmissions even if “cap and trade” cannot get passed through Congress.

I wrote about this possibility for an article in the December/January version of our magazine, which is now up on our main site here. This is just one example of how Obama will attempt to impose through regulation whatever parts of his agenda that he cannot achieve legislatively. Continue reading »

Dec 072009

by Joel B. Pollak, December 7, 2009

On August 31, I headed to the health care town hall meeting of my congressional representative, Jan Schakowsky (D-IL). I suspected that she planned to stack the meeting with paid organizers, after she vowed on Real Time with Bill Maher to bring “millions” of people into the streets to support the so-called “public option.” So I brought a video camera.
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Dec 042009

The President is under pressure to sack Desiree Rogers, after she was blamed for letting in White House gatecrashers

By Rupert Cornwell
Independent, UK Friday, 4 December 2009

She came to town as a certified member of Chicago’s great and good: a highly successful professional, an A-list socialiser and a prolific fundraiser for both president-to-be Obama, and for his adopted city’s bid to win the 2016 Olympics. One way and another, Desiree Rogers seemed perfect for her new position in Washington – until a couple of Virginia parvenus crashed a state dinner.

Unlike small children, White House social secretaries before her have generally been neither seen nor heard. Obscurity is a sign of success; their greatest moments are when glittering events unfold with the elegance and unobtrusive precision of a Swiss watch. Even close followers of the American presidency might be pressed to name a single holder of the job in the past couple of decades.
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Dec 042009

**Not Appropriate For Children**
**Content Warning**
(I am only posting the beginning excerpt. Follow the link to read the article.)

Friday, December 4, 2009, 6:13 AM
Jim Hoft

Scott Baker from and Co-Host of ‘The B-Cast‘ submitted this shocking report today on Obama’s deviant Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings.

—-Warning on Content—–

I was recently approached by a team of independent researchers that I have known for some time and have come to trust. They prepared this report involving ‘Safe Schools Czar’ Kevin Jennings and the organization he founded, GLSEN, and asked that I find a way to help draw attention to what they uncovered. Knowing that Gateway Pundit has followed Kevin Jennings since his appointment, as we have on The B-Cast (here, here, and here), and on (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here), I felt this would be an appropriate place for this report.

Warning: The following material is very explicit.

Scott Baker
Co-Host, The B-Cast

Original article

Nov 092009

Josh Gerstein

Attorney General Eric Holder has agreed to give a keynote speech next week to a Michigan group which includes the local branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations even though the FBI has formally severed contacts with the controversial Muslim civil rights organization.
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Oct 232009

Stephen Dinan

The White House has told Congress it will reject calls for many of President Obama’s policy czars to testify before Congress – a decision senators said goes against the president’s promises of transparency and openness and treads on Congress’ constitutional mandate to investigate the administration’s actions.
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Oct 232009

Adviser compares institution to country club membership

By Aaron Klein WorldNetDaily

The U.S. government should abolish its sanctioning of marriage, argued Cass Sunstein, President Obama’s regulatory czar.

Sunstein proposed that the concept of marriage should become privatized, with the state only granting civil union contracts to couples wishing to enter into an agreement.
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Oct 192009

Lies cost the talk-show host a shot at NFL ownership; a White House honcho praises a murderer of millions to schoolkids.

Mark Steyn

Here is a tale of two sound bites. First:

“Slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back; I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.”


“The third lesson and tip actually comes from two of my favorite political philosophers, Mao Tse Tung and Mother Teresa. Not often coupled with each other, but the two people that I turn to most to basically deliver a simple point, which is: You’re going to make choices. … But here’s the deal: These are your choices; they are no one else’s. In 1947, when Mao Tse Tung was being challenged within his own party on his own plan to basically take China over, Chiang Kai-shek and the nationalist Chinese held the cities, they had the army. … They had everything on their side. And people said ‘How can you win? How can you do this against all of the odds against you?’ And Mao Tse Tung says, ‘You fight your war, and I’ll fight mine.’ You don’t have to accept the definition of how to do things. … You fight your war, you let them fight theirs. Everybody has their own path.”
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